Nadya Dzyak

NADYA DZYAK is the Ukrainian fashion brand founded in 2008, known for a combination of architectural forms and feminine aesthetic. Its transparent elements have brought the brand international popularity and recognition.

Every NADYA DZYAK collection has its own unique features. But all of them are united by the brand’s commitment to pleated details, translucent fabrics and multi-layered decors.

Traditionally, the brand pays special attention to the craftmanship of hand-laying pleats and ruffles, that reflects its DNA. The another iconic feature of NADYA DZYAK design is the effect of weightlessness and optical illusions, created through the sophisticated use of translucent fabrics.

NADYA DZYAK collections embody feminine strength, give women a sense of confidence and awaken their inner energy.

The undisputed favorites are weightless translucent dresses with pleated ruffles. These items are the main iconic products that have given the brand world fame and recognition. Specialists of the highest level are involved to work with delicate fabrics, from which NADYA DZYAK iconic dresses are created.

The production of each such dress takes many hours of painstaking manual labor. To maintain the harmonious proportions of the frills, the location of each part is manually checked.