10The designer Nadya Dzyak was inspired by the works of art of such Russian avant-garde artists-founders of Suprematism as Kazimir Malevich, Olga Rozanova and Nicholay Suyetin for her collection “Suprematism”. Artists of the beginning of 20th century, like nobody else realized the importance of the simple shapes and graphic combinations for the future generation. Some of the works of art formed the basic conception of high quality haute couture dresses with the perfect proportions and color palette. Architectural fit and high quality outfits are perfect for a confident and passionate woman. Nadya Dzyak’s customers one more time entrust their appearance to the sensitive professional’s hands and they never regretted about choosing a new wardrobe, which always reveals subtle and wise nature, being a Woman and being proud of it.

Nadya Dzyak has already proved herself as an intellectual designer, who foresees what sophisticated audience will need in the future. The collection mainly comprises cruise colors: catchy bright shades were dominant at the podium . Various kinds of silk, including moiré, crash silk, the effect of boiled material was perfectly combined with purple, amber, lime, fuchsia and details of spring greens.

The perforated leather was also a bright highlight with pleated skirts and aquamarine, indigo and cyan pinafores on the background. Handmade dresses line was the final chord of the already favorite show of the target audience.