34Her new collection “Back To Basics” the designer Nadya Dzyak devoted to natural sources, where all life on earth originates. Relationships of mankind and natural became the main idea of the show. The brand customers will for the first time in the new fashion season be able to see the exclusive tree bark print, which was specially designed for the show and was implied on silk and jersey. Natural texture lines are affined to the designer, because the combination of interlacing lines has become a recognizable and favorite brand’s feature.

Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 Collection’s palette comprises typical natural colors. The basic Nadya Dzyak’s palette involves emerald and maroon combinations in the single outfit, earthy shades and, of course, classic black and white colors. Visits to nature reserves inspired the designer to use Prussian blue shades and wonderful teal chatoyments. Architectural fit intertwines with chunky knit and various combinations of texture elements and materials’ textures accomplish the idea of human relationships with the natural source.