8The new capsule collection from the Nadya Dzyak brand gave us the Chambre-like summer feeling. Flashes of such colors as saturated lemon, ultramarine , burning orange and coral, as well as fresh herbal shades of fuchsia formed the basis of the exclusive outfits, sewed of light pleated silk and perforated leather. Classic black and white play of colors emphasized the expressiveness of designer’s light outfits of the highest quality.

Fruitful cooperation of the “Chambre” boutique and, particularly, Vozdvizhensky hotel , with their personal history, aura and favorite audience and especially with the designer Nadya Dzyak, resulted in an amazing work of art, which surprises and gives a sense of confidence to its owners. The VIP event ‘s conception enabled to better appreciate the fit art and the pleasant background music gave the visitors the feeling of relaxation and contemplation.